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Quinoa cranberry stuffed mini-pumpkins with shitake mushrooms

Quinoa cranberry stuffed mini-pumpkins with shitake mushrooms Autumn is my favorite time of year and one of the reasons is the masses of pumpkins available everywhere. Pumpkin is such a potent food for health. It can improve your love life, help you look younger, fight heart disease, and improve your eyesight among many other benefits. This year I vowed I wouldn't let pumpkin season go by without eating my fill of them. Besides being really cute, these mini pumpkins were crying out to be stuffed with something savoury. I had a flashback of an unforgettable lunch in Tuscany where the pumpkin gnocchi was gloriously doused [...]

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Find me on Pinterest! The Confidence Kitchen If you’re a fellow lover of delicious whole foods and natural beauty, you may want to check out my blog's Pinterest boards on healthy recipes, healthy swaps, things to eat daily, gluten free baking and many more. You’ll find hundreds of awesome pins leading you to some wonderfully delicious recipes and natural beauty ideas along with the powerful visual inspiration for health, happiness, creativity and overall wellness that I have found from all around the web. Find me on Pinterest with the name: Laura @ The Confidence Kitchen Here are some of my other Pinterest boards that [...]