Sleep and pleasure your way to success

Sleep and pleasure your way to success A few weeks ago on Instagram I wrote about how slowing down was exactly what I needed. I think it's a common problem in our busy lives. We just go and go and go, until we break. We miss the warning signals, and in my case, they were pretty obvious. It got so silly that at one point I was using my good left arm to move my bad right arm around on the mouse mat, so I could send emails out and finish some work projects. It sounds so obvious now as I'm [...]

Hello sexy! Embrace vanity to get healthier

Hello sexy! Embrace vanity to get healthier I want to dispense with the myth that willpower and self-control are the main drivers behind good health. We know that willpower is finite and easily used up on any given day. While there are some people for whom the "just suck it up" type mentality is motivating, for the rest of us mere mortals that type of thinking is bullying and has a predictable tendency to mire us in self-loathing and inaction. The stick doesn't work for most people. Ah, but what about the carrot? How about vanity? Now there's something I think we can work with. Who [...]

Find me on Pinterest! The Confidence Kitchen

Find me on Pinterest! The Confidence Kitchen If you’re a fellow lover of delicious whole foods and natural beauty, you may want to check out my blog's Pinterest boards on healthy recipes, healthy swaps, things to eat daily, gluten free baking and many more. You’ll find hundreds of awesome pins leading you to some wonderfully delicious recipes and natural beauty ideas along with the powerful visual inspiration for health, happiness, creativity and overall wellness that I have found from all around the web. Find me on Pinterest with the name: Laura @ The Confidence Kitchen Here are some of my other Pinterest boards that [...]

Papaya face and body mask for glowing clear skin

Papaya face and body mask for glowing clear skin Like many people eating a standard-issue diet, I struggled with my skin for many years. Blotchy redness, breakouts, patches of uneven texture, strange bumps under the skin's surface - you name it, I've experienced it, covered it up, stressed over it, and tried hundreds of different drugstore products to try and tame the skin beasts. So on my radiance journey, I've been super thrilled to find so many easy, fast, and really-truly-effective natural beauty solutions that actually deliver stunning, glowing and clear skin. I love, love, love this easy mask. It [...]

Papaya green smoothie for clear skin

Papaya green smoothie for clear skin So many of you gave such positive feedback and requested more smoothie recipes for firm, clear, gorgeous skin. The sneaky thing is that while you're pursuing a gorgeous glow, you'll also be seeing side benefits for your heart, respiratory system, joints and bones, digestive system, and overall immune system (don't worry, I won't tell anyone)! It was certainly a surprise for me when  I first started trying to increase my overall heart health.  I was getting unexpected compliments on my skin. For this reason, we'll gladly let vanity drive us and continue  the natural beauty theme this summer. Main benefits of eating this green [...]