Chasing inspiration

What if I could capture every single moment of fleeting inspiration I had? Capture and package them up in a secret bundle of “zing” that would become my sacred talisman to carry with me through the dry patches of life?

I sure need that today. I feel so far away from finding my true passions as I sip my tea this morning. I think it may have something to do with over-utilizing my self-control lately and starting too many changes processes at once. In Switch, Chip and Dan Heath made me realize I have a limited supply of what I’m going to call “change juice”, and that by doing too many new things at once, our ability to focus and process these things is used up, to the point where you deplete your ability to take on anything new.

My path to the present moment. Aka, the “aha!” moment. (Image purchased from here)

My path to the present moment. Aka, the “aha!” moment.
(Image purchased from here)

What am I missing here?  How can you be living a change process, focused on following your heart, yet failing to even get a buzz out of the many wonderful things that are happening all around me? Last night, for example, I attended an amazing concert by The Swell Season. While I thought it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to, I did not have the resultant joy or high you’d expect by such a fantastic experience. I’m feeling a little bit number at the moment than I’m comfortable admitting.

I’m not short on inspiration. I find new role models every day who keep telling to keep on trucking: “Success is being coherent with who you are” (Diane von Furstenberg). “Above all follow your bliss” (Barbara Walters via  Joseph Campbell).  “Your gut has an IQ of 100,000. Trust it.” (Linda Kaplan Thaler).

So while I am surrounded by examples and stories of what is to come, perhaps I still do need a personal reminder to carry with me. I’ll get back to you on what my inspiration anchor will be. But maybe for the time being, I’ll give myself a break and get back to living the questions. Stop chasing so hard and just try to  experience whatever is in front of me.