Daily body brushing: 1 min to skin heaven

I have heard about dry brushing or body brushing for ages, and never did it. I didn’t think I had the know-how, or it would take forever, or whatever – I just didn’t do it. But now I do it everyday without fail, and I can report that my skin now feels like silk. Partner noticed right away – “oooh, very soft!”, I got told about a week into my new regime. Result!

It’s something that’s so easy to do, seems to have a lot of excellent additional health benefits beyond soft and beautiful skin – but those in reality were enough for me to begin.

5 steps to Dry Brushing: All that you need to begin tomorrow

  1. Buy a brush today on your lunch break – I got mine at the Body Shop – but you can get them at any drugstore for a song. I like the ones with the natural bristles, and not the loofah ones. Your choice though – just get anything with soft bristles, and begin this daily 1 min practice.
  2. You will do it before your AM shower – I run the water, and let it get warm while I brush for my minute
  3. Start by stroking upwards from your feet, and work in long strokes up your legs towards your heart
  4. Stroke your arms, and start at your  hands (I hold my arms up in the air, one at a time), and then stroke down each arm towards my heart
  5. At the end, do some extra circles, on bits that get cellulite – bums, thighs etc. as well as lightly circle around your belly button on your tummy to finish off
  6. Seriously, that’s it – it’s so easy, just do it, and don’t worry about doing it correctly – just be gentle, work towards your heart at all times, and throw in some circles at the end for extra benefit.

Why body brushing is great for you

  • Loosens dead skins cells, uncovering new radiant skin underneath – seriously, you will knock years off your skin and feel great seeing your new glow
  • Increased skin moisture
  • Boosted immune system
  • Moves your lymph and helps to remove toxins in body
  • Lessens the appearance of cellulite
  • Makes skin super soft like silk

I can’t recommend this quick beauty and health secret enough. I love stuff that’s easy and has enormous payouts. You will too – promise.