Breakfast in London: Carluccio’s Covent Garden

Kicking things of with one of life’s favorite rituals: breakfast. I love lingering over a great breakfast, brunch, pastry, and most of all coffee(s). As the java and conversation slowly revive, the comforting din of Sunday morning conversations and the steam of the poaching eggs envelope me with a feeling of being smack dab in the present moment. Work is light years away. There is an immediacy in the moment,  that comes oddly from slowing down and dipping my croissant in my coffee to savour each bite.    Road trips get planned, events are debriefed. Whenever possible, I like to try places I haven’t been before.  This one was seriously let down by apathetic staff.
Location: Garrick Street, London, WC2E 9BH
Food: OK
Vibe: Low energy, chain
Recommend: NO
Comments: Nice design, bright colors, modern feeling, but feels like a chain – soulless. Very cold and drafty, high ceilings. Great location near Covent Garden, yet mostly empty. Came here out of necessity – starving after the Apple store launch in Covent Garden, but would not go again. PROS: Great long table in middle with papers, etc. for lingering with coffee, but temperature made this uncomfortable.