Going beyond oatmeal: A week of recipes featuring oats (to reduce cholesterol)

When you are serious about staying healthy and trying to figure out how to reduce your cholesterol (as so many of us are these days), you realise quickly that sugar and flour are very dangerous to your health in general, and heart-health in particular. So you stop eating them. But then after a few months of dreams featuring dancing pastries and devilish thoughts about baked goods, you have to get creative. Wait a minute…

It’s oat week at The Curious Giraffe!

href=”https://theconfidencekitchen.com/2012/12/16/eat-this-daily-glorious-fat-olive-coconut-and-avocado-oils-to-reduce-cholesterol/”>oils are good for heart health

and that means I can make things that include lots of good fats! Oats are very heart healthy…. hmmm… oats could be made into flour! Lightbulb! What else can be made into flour! And from there, the kitchen creativity starts to kick into high gear.

And so the doorway to baking and flat-breads is opened again. Hallelujah!

Going beyond oatmeal: A week of recipes featuring oats (to reduce cholesterol)

Oats are the star this week for plentiful reasons including weight loss, cholesterol reduction, energy management during the day, and many others! Hat tip to The Porridge Club for their great overview of the positive benefits of oats!

I am creating oat-based recipes this week. The hope is that this can provide you with new options to eat more oats.  The reasons to eat oats to reduce your cholesterol and improve your heart health are numerous, however it’s also very important to me that healthy food also tastes wonderful!  I’m a closet gourmet and only eat food that inspires me so these won’t be stodgy, dull dishes that are a chore to eat.

During oat week I will create heart friendly versions of recipes for:

Much to my surprise, many of these recipes I now prefer over the original wheat versions! That said, these recipes are works in progress, so if you find something that you think works better – let me know!

I will be using these wheat free and gluten free oat beauties (if you are gluten intolerant, make sure you check these gluten sensitive tips on proper selection of the oats you are using) to create tasty heart-friendly muffins, pancakes and surprisingly savoury dishes that all benefit from the hearty goodness of oats.

I know I said “beyond oatmeal” above, and that’s true. I won’t be doing rendition after rendition of this breakfast cereal saviour during oat week. I will though include a link in homage to why oats are so great for your heart, and suggest that as a kickoff to Oat Week at the Curious Giraffe, you start by pausing to salute oatmeal as an excellent daily addition to a heart friendly diet!

Here’s to gettin’ oaty!!