How to make a green smoothie to reduce your cholesterol (video)

After my last post on green smoothies to reduce cholesterol, a reader asked a question about quantities and practicalities. In general – you can’t really do a smoothie “wrong”.  In other posts, I’ll cover ways you can “jazz” up your morning smoothie to include other superfoods that have been proven to reduce cholesterol, but for now if you are getting your whole apple, half avocado and 2 cups of spinach packed into your blender, then you are doing very well!


  • Just add enough liquid to the point where you can easily drink the smoothie (I don’t like it too thick). Probably about 2 cups or so of liquid to pour over your ingredients before you blend.
  • You’ll end up with 2 large glasses of smoothie for yourself to enjoy. This is generally a meal replacement type of drink. I drink both cups to take my morning supplements including Omega 3’s, vit c, multivitamin, etc.
  • If you are making a smoothie for your partner, then double up on everything. You both can use the 2 full glasses of smoothie each to get your full ORAC benefits which I describe here!
  • Want to feel noticeably more energized and alive in just one week? Commit to having a green smoothie every AM for 7 days.
  • Enjoy it, and let me know how you feel after doing this for a week!

-Author: Laura Livesey