Papaya green smoothie for clear skin

Papaya green smoothie for clear skin So many of you gave such positive feedback and requested more smoothie recipes for firm, clear, gorgeous skin. The sneaky thing is that while you're pursuing a gorgeous glow, you'll also be seeing side benefits for your heart, respiratory system, joints and bones, digestive system, and overall immune system (don't worry, I won't tell anyone)! It was certainly a surprise for me when  I first started trying to increase my overall heart health.  I was getting unexpected compliments on my skin. For this reason, we'll gladly let vanity drive us and continue  the natural beauty theme this summer. Main benefits of eating this green [...]

How to feed your skin to combat 8 common problems

How to feed your skin to combat 8 common problems I think it's fascinating to discover how ideas about health and beauty have changed over time. They've flip-flopped back and forth pretty consistently over the last 100 years, and it turns out that even the Romans had some pretty sophisticated beauty products that would compete well against today's concoctions! By the early 20th century, scientists were fully poo-pooing the idea that natural concoctions could do anything more than provide a temporary moisture boost and other superficial benefits.  I have to admit that was one of my first questions when I [...]

Do natural beauty solutions really work?

Do natural beauty solutions really work? Well hello February! I'm going into pamper overdrive this month by testing and reporting back on the natural beauty products, foods, tools and techniques that I've been gathering up over the last few years. Take a journey with me as we sift through what feels like a garage full of everything I’ve discovered. Then, we'll try and distill the very best natural things we can all use to look our very best. So phew!  First off, there are a lot of things out there to test. Where should we start? I've been testing beauty products [...]