Do natural beauty solutions really work?

Well hello February! I’m going into pamper overdrive this month by testing and reporting back on the natural beauty products, foods, tools and techniques that I’ve been gathering up over the last few years. Take a journey with me as we sift through what feels like a garage full of everything I’ve discovered. Then, we’ll try and distill the very best natural things we can all use to look our very best.

So phew!  First off, there are a lot of things out there to test. Where should we start? I’ve been testing beauty products and techniques for many years, and while I’ve found a few natural beauty products that I’ve gone bonkers for and cannot believe are natural (they are that good), what I’m most often excited about are the results you can get from foods and supplements. Apologies if we’ve been out for drinks or dinner in the last 6 months and I’ve been rapid fire gushing about these. I’m so excited about some of these beauty discoveries!

On my journey towards health, I noticed that increased beauty always tended to be an unexpected but welcome sidekick to eating better. It’s sort of like showing up at the airport in a classy outfit. It doesn’t always happen, but you give yourself a much better chance of getting a first class upgrade. The one-two punch actually turned into this excellent little motivation tool that could be harnessed whenever I was dragging my feet about eating more veggies, or trying to add new things to my life that I wouldn’t normally do.

Why even care about natural beauty solutions? Why not just stick with the pots of stuff you can find at your local drugstore and call it a day? I have never found any lasting answers by searching for bottle radiance. Sure some products did provide quick fixes and covered over really unfortunate lobster red skin situations. But after years of searching for answers inside drugstores, I realised (accidentally) that the results were simply not as stunning as those to be achieved via diet, supplements, and other lifestyle  tweaks.

What also shocked me is that “beauty products” can do the reverse of what they promise. They often contain ingredients that make you age more quickly, impact fetal development, and cause breast cancer, antibiotic resistance, allergies, migraines, and immune system damage. No thanks!

“Knowing that there is a high possibility that you will get better looking within 2 weeks is a great tool to use to kick your butt to green smoothie-land and back everyday!”

The fact that getting healthier can have a side benefit of looking better is a sneaky little trick we just have to use to our advantage! I mean maybe you’re one of the few people left on the planet that truly does not care how you look, but I’m definitely not. It’s a cliché but when I look in the mirror and like what I see it really impacts me emotionally. I feel more confident, energetic, playful, and it definitely adds to my overall joie de vivre. Vain, self-obsessed, self-indulgent? Maybe, but I’m good with it! That’s how I feel and I don’t think I’m alone. 

I started trying this natural beauty stuff seriously about a year ago when I documented the early findings in this page on radiant skin secrets. Now I’ve tried a lot more things, and I want to get you up to speed on the latest findings. There are a lot of claims that raise doubts and too-good-to-be-true-itis. Especially when you see headlines like:

  • How to get 10 years younger in a weekend!
  • Natural beauty tips for glowing skin!
  • 2 weeks to noticeably fewer wrinkles!
  • Look 7 years younger!
  • Discover top fixes to keep you looking young!
  • Get these 16 beauty hacks you must know!
  • Common beauty products you really shouldn’t put on your skin!
  • Beauty tips to use today – look more beautiful tomorrow!

So this month I’m going to share simple habits with you that really, truly move the needle on beauty. Oh and of course I’ve just given myself a free pass to do lots of fun things that will make February a little more sunny (in my head at least). So here’s a permission slip for you too to come out and play: please join me in pampering yourself this month!

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What do you think? Do natural beauty products work? Do you have any favorite go-to products or foods that you can’t live without?