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Healthy snacks: lemon coconut goji berry bliss balls

Healthy snacks: lemon coconut goji berry bliss balls Something I'm always asked about are ideas for healthy snacks. One of the first things I did when faced with the scary prospect of changing my eating habits, was figure out in advance what foods I could snack on with abandon. Personally I feel very comforted when I know I have food waiting in the wings that I can eat whenever I like. It's a psychological tool I find useful that invites feelings of abundance and plenty into the day. It also can help ward off uneasy feelings, like scarcity or denial, that commonly will arrive when [...]

Ravishing red peppers are better than botox!

Ravishing red peppers are better than botox! In our last post we looked at amping up your vitamins A and C intake with a green smoothie designed for gorgeous skin. Another easy thing you can do for your skin is to think about red peppers slightly differently - almost like they are portable fruits. Today's high-tech tip is that you can eat certain kinds of red peppers just like you would an apple! Hear me out on this one if you are a vegetable-phobe. This is a dead easy habit that creates glowing skin and glossy locks. You just need [...]

A ridiculously easy snack for firm clear skin

A ridiculously easy snack for firm clear skin Today's natural beauty tip is super quick and easy. It's very likely that you are not getting an optimal amount of selenium in your diet. This 2012 Spanish study showed that 50% of men and 53% of women were selenium deficient. While it varies widely between countries, a good chunk of the western world is either selenium deficient or not selenium optimised. Selenium plays a huge role in helping the matrix of collagen fibres in our skin stay firm as well as helping our thyroid activity (hypothyroidism is linked with selenium deficiency), and boosting our [...]