The easiest thing you’ll ever do to dramatically boost your health

The easiest thing you'll ever do to dramatically boost your health A green smoothie like this spinach based one, is everything you need to take charge of your health. Just start with 2 a day, and this will give you your daily fruit and veg antioxidants all in one go! I'm no longer a resolutions person. I was for years until I realised that it was too depressing to cheerily wave them off at the door on Jan 1st only to have them fizzle out each February (or Jan 12th!) Now I'm a habits girl. Powerful daily habits, no less. [...]

Reduce cholesterol with daily oatmeal

Reduce cholesterol with daily oatmeal Since 1997, oatmeal has been given the status of a "qualified health claim" by the FDA. Health claims on food labels are claims by manufacturers of food products that their food will reduce the risk of developing a disease or condition. This oatmeal health claim has allowed advertisers to mention it as a heart friendly ingredient on any products that contains oatmeal. There are very few foods that have approved health claims. Since the 97' ruling, oatmeal has been further reviewed, and Dr. James W. Anderson, professor of medicine and clinical nutrition at the University [...]

Daily body brushing: 1 min to skin heaven

Daily body brushing: 1 min to skin heaven I have heard about dry brushing or body brushing for ages, and never did it. I didn't think I had the know-how, or it would take forever, or whatever - I just didn't do it. But now I do it everyday without fail, and I can report that my skin now feels like silk. Partner noticed right away - "oooh, very soft!", I got told about a week into my new regime. Result! It's something that's so easy to do, seems to have a lot of excellent additional health benefits beyond soft [...]