5 year health-iversary for managing familial hypercholesterolemia without drugs

5 year health-iversary for managing familial hypercholesterolemia without drugs I just realized that this August 2016 marks my five year anniversary of managing Familial Hypercholesterolemia without drugs. Woot! Yahoo!  Yippee!  I thought I'd jot down a quick: happy-5-year-health-iversary-to-me post to mark the occasion and celebrate something that once seemed impossible to achieve. I haven't done any of the typical Transformation Tuesday type posts before. In case this is new to you - these #transformationtuesday hashtag posts are usually motivating posts on blogs or social media by people on a health journey. They document the before and after pictures of someone who has had [...]

How to make lemon water life changing

How to make lemon water life changing In the past 2 years I've noticed that almost every mainstream health guru has started advising warm lemon water.  It's an easy thing to do for a pretty nice stack of benefits that  include: weight-loss, immune boosting, energy boosting, inflammation reduction and wrinkle reduction. This week's habit is simple but powerful. To prepare for the week ahead all you need to do is buy 4 lemons. But before you do that, let me introduce you to a journey that you may want to start with us here at The Confidence Kitchen. Week 1: We're about to [...]

A thrilling start to 2015

A thrilling start to 2015 A great big hug and Happy New Year to you! It's been such a thrilling start to the year to receive the annual website performance reports that Wordpress circulated  this week. This has been the year where I have stopped feeling like one person shouting alone into the wilderness. This has become a true health community and I have enjoyed every minute of sharing with you. A thrilling start to 2015 I can't believe it but my blog has grown by a whopping 741% since 2013. Over 37,000 blog posts have been viewed on The Confidence [...]

Why I fail at being healthy

Why I fail at being healthy Today I absentmindedly scanned the almond milk container at my local coffee joint. There in the second position on the list: sugar. "What the f^%@?" I may have bleeted out as I started fuming and wondering how many drinks I had errantly ingested with sugar in them. I remembered checking the cafe's almond milk container probably a year ago, and at the time, it had been sugar and other-nasties-free. Sigh. Total health fail. But it got me to thinking about the urge to avoid nasty stuff and how that positive drive can sometimes steer us wrong. [...]

Spreading some sparkle with the sunshine awards

Spreading some sparkle with the sunshine awards One of the amazing parts of blogging is all the lovely people that you meet. I have been particularly inspired and motivated to go deeper and further down the road towards radiant health by the community of healthy bloggers that are working so hard each day to provide life changing information! It is always amazing to get feedback and that's why I am so thankful to receive a nomination for the Sunshine Award. Thanks to Paula from the rawfooddiaries who is doing such a great job of spreading the word about what it's like to encounter [...]

How to feed your skin to combat 8 common problems

How to feed your skin to combat 8 common problems I think it's fascinating to discover how ideas about health and beauty have changed over time. They've flip-flopped back and forth pretty consistently over the last 100 years, and it turns out that even the Romans had some pretty sophisticated beauty products that would compete well against today's concoctions! By the early 20th century, scientists were fully poo-pooing the idea that natural concoctions could do anything more than provide a temporary moisture boost and other superficial benefits.  I have to admit that was one of my first questions when I [...]

Most beauty products are not safe and don’t work

Most beauty products are not safe and don't work Most beauty products are dangerous and beauty sapping. You've got to pick products with ingredients you would feel comfortable eating. This week we've looked at a 4 step routine for amazing skin after finding out that creams don't work as a delivery mechanism for getting active beauty ingredients to do their thing inside your skin. Now that we know the 4 steps we need to take, it's time to choose the right products to use for each of the them. I've always found choosing beauty products very difficult. There's a lot [...]

Do creams and beauty products really work?

Do creams and beauty products really work? Beauty is created in two ways: the foods that you eat, and what you put on your skin. Last week we looked at the basics of beauty creating foods. To get the cheat sheet for essential beauty foods, download this 7-day beauty action plan. This week we'll look at the common problems with beauty routines, and what to do about them. This week as part of natural beauty solutions month we're switching gears from what you put IN your body to what you put ON your body. For years I used the 2 most common things [...]

7 day natural beauty action plan

7 day natural beauty action plan Wow. What a great first week of natural beauty solutions month! So far, we learned how to: leverage our desire for more beauty in our overall quest for health eat omega 3 rich fish a minimum of 2 times a week for better facial contours and fullness get gorgeous skin fast with this green smoothie  eat 2 brazil nuts a day for firm clear skin eat red peppers every day because they act like botox in their wrinkle fighting abilities! dry brush 1 minute a day for glowing, younger looking skin! Wait! How do I fit [...]