The best healthy salad dressing plus taking on the fear of good fats

This creamy healthy salad dressing adds a luscious mouthfeel while providing the necessary healthy fats that allows your body to better absorb the nutrients from your salad ingredients. The dressing is so versatile. It makes eating salad easy by binding together dry salad ingredients including greens, avocado, tomatoes, shredded carrots or beets, small tinned fishes (sardines, mackerel, anchovies), nuts etc. Another great way to use this is to spoon this beauty onto baked sweet potatoes or other baked root vegetables for an instantly gorgeous healthy lunch. It’s a staple in my house.

On fire with desire! Getting clear on how you want to feel

On fire with desire! Getting clear on how you want to feel Earlier this week as Valentine's day approached I had a discussion with a small group of women about our collective definition of love.  We circled around a lot of commonly heard things including the mutual exchange of caring, affection and growth, but I found the conversation really getting interesting when we opened up our ideas about love beyond the confines of just 2 people. Things got expansive and we started talking about how love is a conscious choice to feel a certain way. Things like freedom, openness, giving, fearlessness, growth, courage, gratefulness [...]

Healthy snacks: lemon coconut goji berry bliss balls

Healthy snacks: lemon coconut goji berry bliss balls Something I'm always asked about are ideas for healthy snacks. One of the first things I did when faced with the scary prospect of changing my eating habits, was figure out in advance what foods I could snack on with abandon. Personally I feel very comforted when I know I have food waiting in the wings that I can eat whenever I like. It's a psychological tool I find useful that invites feelings of abundance and plenty into the day. It also can help ward off uneasy feelings, like scarcity or denial, that commonly will arrive when [...]

Hello sexy! Embrace vanity to get healthier

Hello sexy! Embrace vanity to get healthier I want to dispense with the myth that willpower and self-control are the main drivers behind good health. We know that willpower is finite and easily used up on any given day. While there are some people for whom the "just suck it up" type mentality is motivating, for the rest of us mere mortals that type of thinking is bullying and has a predictable tendency to mire us in self-loathing and inaction. The stick doesn't work for most people. Ah, but what about the carrot? How about vanity? Now there's something I think we can work with. Who [...]

Use a morning routine to build healthy habits quickly

Use a morning routine to build healthy habits quickly I love my morning routine. It's amazing that most of us have 25,000 mornings in our adult lives between the age of 18 to 80.  Morning activities for most people range from the bare minimum (shower, dress, coffee, and... go!) to potent time chunks that are used to magically automate key life habits that would under other circumstances require willpower to achieve. I accidentally stumbled on the power of morning routines about 10 years ago. At first what I was doing hardly qualified as a routine. There were just a couple habits linked together consisting of Julia Cameron's [...]