Hello sexy! Embrace vanity to get healthier

Hello sexy! Embrace vanity to get healthier I want to dispense with the myth that willpower and self-control are the main drivers behind good health. We know that willpower is finite and easily used up on any given day. While there are some people for whom the "just suck it up" type mentality is motivating, for the rest of us mere mortals that type of thinking is bullying and has a predictable tendency to mire us in self-loathing and inaction. The stick doesn't work for most people. Ah, but what about the carrot? How about vanity? Now there's something I think we can work with. Who [...]

The one minute habit for silky skin: dry brushing

The one minute habit for silky skin: dry brushing I had heard about dry brushing for years, but never really committed to a regular habit until about a year ago. Then, I wrote a giddy post (December 2012) about how body brushing makes your skin silky smooth. I added the habit to my daily morning routine and hit it out the park without fail every AM for 6 months. I am not exaggerating when I say my skin felt utterly silky. Beyond super softness, dry brushing loosens dead skins cells, uncovers new radiant skin underneath, increases skin moisture, boosts the immune system, moves lymph, removes [...]

Do natural beauty solutions really work?

Do natural beauty solutions really work? Well hello February! I'm going into pamper overdrive this month by testing and reporting back on the natural beauty products, foods, tools and techniques that I've been gathering up over the last few years. Take a journey with me as we sift through what feels like a garage full of everything I’ve discovered. Then, we'll try and distill the very best natural things we can all use to look our very best. So phew!  First off, there are a lot of things out there to test. Where should we start? I've been testing beauty products [...]

The easiest thing you’ll ever do to dramatically boost your health

The easiest thing you'll ever do to dramatically boost your health A green smoothie like this spinach based one, is everything you need to take charge of your health. Just start with 2 a day, and this will give you your daily fruit and veg antioxidants all in one go! I'm no longer a resolutions person. I was for years until I realised that it was too depressing to cheerily wave them off at the door on Jan 1st only to have them fizzle out each February (or Jan 12th!) Now I'm a habits girl. Powerful daily habits, no less. [...]

If you want radiant skin you’ve got to rewire your brain

If you want radiant skin you've got to rewire your brain In a previous life my skin was a monster to be battled with, sending me consistent breakouts and patchy red episodes that left me looking like a marine creature. I tried probably hundreds of different products over the years in a quest to find something that suited my skin type which is sensitive (goes berserk just looking across the room at a new potential soap or lotion), combination (oily in the T zone, and dry everywhere else), and prone to hormonal breakouts, uneven patches, under-skin bumpiness, and red colouring. [...]