Papaya face and body mask for glowing clear skin

Papaya face and body mask for glowing clear skin Like many people eating a standard-issue diet, I struggled with my skin for many years. Blotchy redness, breakouts, patches of uneven texture, strange bumps under the skin's surface - you name it, I've experienced it, covered it up, stressed over it, and tried hundreds of different drugstore products to try and tame the skin beasts. So on my radiance journey, I've been super thrilled to find so many easy, fast, and really-truly-effective natural beauty solutions that actually deliver stunning, glowing and clear skin. I love, love, love this easy mask. It [...]

Most beauty products are not safe and don’t work

Most beauty products are not safe and don't work Most beauty products are dangerous and beauty sapping. You've got to pick products with ingredients you would feel comfortable eating. This week we've looked at a 4 step routine for amazing skin after finding out that creams don't work as a delivery mechanism for getting active beauty ingredients to do their thing inside your skin. Now that we know the 4 steps we need to take, it's time to choose the right products to use for each of the them. I've always found choosing beauty products very difficult. There's a lot [...]

The amazing 4 step beautiful skin routine

The amazing 4 step beautiful skin routine Yesterday we learned that beauty creams don't work. Turns out that the great sounding jar of cream that says it is packed full of Vitamin C, CoQ10, and other goodies, never had a hope of working in the first place because the moisturiser in the cream creates a roadblock that won't let the active ingredients through to do their jobs. So now what? These 4 steps will give you skin the best chance of getting the nutrients it needs to be beautiful. Four steps for a great skin care routine Besides [...]

Do creams and beauty products really work?

Do creams and beauty products really work? Beauty is created in two ways: the foods that you eat, and what you put on your skin. Last week we looked at the basics of beauty creating foods. To get the cheat sheet for essential beauty foods, download this 7-day beauty action plan. This week we'll look at the common problems with beauty routines, and what to do about them. This week as part of natural beauty solutions month we're switching gears from what you put IN your body to what you put ON your body. For years I used the 2 most common things [...]

7 day natural beauty action plan

7 day natural beauty action plan Wow. What a great first week of natural beauty solutions month! So far, we learned how to: leverage our desire for more beauty in our overall quest for health eat omega 3 rich fish a minimum of 2 times a week for better facial contours and fullness get gorgeous skin fast with this green smoothie  eat 2 brazil nuts a day for firm clear skin eat red peppers every day because they act like botox in their wrinkle fighting abilities! dry brush 1 minute a day for glowing, younger looking skin! Wait! How do I fit [...]

Get gorgeous skin fast with easy green smoothie

Get gorgeous skin fast with easy green smoothie Let's continue natural beauty month with an easy daily habit that gives quick results. Something that completely surprised me about drinking green smoothies everyday was how quickly my skin responded to the influx of nutrients. Here I was trying to increase my overall heart health and out of the blue people started complimenting me on my skin! Nice! Skin can be dramatically improved by diet and lifestyle and this month I will share with you several green smoothie recipes that are skin boosters extraordinaire. Skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne,  rosacea, keratosis [...]

Do natural beauty solutions really work?

Do natural beauty solutions really work? Well hello February! I'm going into pamper overdrive this month by testing and reporting back on the natural beauty products, foods, tools and techniques that I've been gathering up over the last few years. Take a journey with me as we sift through what feels like a garage full of everything I’ve discovered. Then, we'll try and distill the very best natural things we can all use to look our very best. So phew!  First off, there are a lot of things out there to test. Where should we start? I've been testing beauty products [...]

If you want radiant skin you’ve got to rewire your brain

If you want radiant skin you've got to rewire your brain In a previous life my skin was a monster to be battled with, sending me consistent breakouts and patchy red episodes that left me looking like a marine creature. I tried probably hundreds of different products over the years in a quest to find something that suited my skin type which is sensitive (goes berserk just looking across the room at a new potential soap or lotion), combination (oily in the T zone, and dry everywhere else), and prone to hormonal breakouts, uneven patches, under-skin bumpiness, and red colouring. [...]

Daily body brushing: 1 min to skin heaven

Daily body brushing: 1 min to skin heaven I have heard about dry brushing or body brushing for ages, and never did it. I didn't think I had the know-how, or it would take forever, or whatever - I just didn't do it. But now I do it everyday without fail, and I can report that my skin now feels like silk. Partner noticed right away - "oooh, very soft!", I got told about a week into my new regime. Result! It's something that's so easy to do, seems to have a lot of excellent additional health benefits beyond soft [...]